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Before you enrolment

Before you start with your Application. Here are the information need for each step. Be sure to read them carefully.

Step 1: Student, Parents and Emergency Contact Details

You may need your passport to help you complete this section.

Step 2: Medical and Learning Infromation, and General Details

We will need your medication information and any medication condition.

Step 3: Accommodation Requirements, Insurance Details and Subject Choices.

You will be ask to enter caregiver details in New Zealand, as well as medical insurance details.

Step 4: Download, Print, Read, Sign, Scan and Submit

Parents/legal guardians and students’ declaration and authorisation

You must complete, sign and submit your Parents/legal guardians and students’ declaration and authorisation form.

International student accommodation agreement

You will need to complete the international student accommodation agreement only if the student will be living in a homestay while enrolled at the school.

Insurance Policy Document

If you are providing your own insurance please provide an English copy of the policy details with this application form.

Step 5: Confirmation

Confirm all enrolment details and submit to Onehunga High School

Resume Code

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